How do you commute to work? Here are our 4 recommendations for a pain-free commute

Nov 22, 2019 3:33:57 AM / by Placetrace Editorial Team posted in environment, commuting, driving, cycling, carpooling


Whether you bike, walk, drive or take the train, commuting shouldn’t be as painful as it’s often described. Find the best option for you, and then let the amazing technology out there come to your rescue.

Walk or bike
Do consider active commute before dismissing it. Don’t be afraid of walking or cycling to work (even running can be a great option for the most energetic ones), it will be better for your body and for the environment.

Public transport

Do you prefer a longer commute with fewer transfers, or the least time-consuming option possible? Or would you rather go for a commute that allows you to sit and have time to read a book or listen to your favourite podcast? Check what’s available around your location - whether it’s train, subway, or bus - and try them all at least once, this will help you understand what is the best means of public transport for you.

Share your petrol costs with others, reduce air pollution, and socialise! Carpooling cuts the cost of your commute, helps you make new interesting encounters and positively impacts the environment by reducing the number of vehicles being used at a time. BlaBlaCar, UberPool, or Waze Carpool are great carpooling apps, that will match you with riders heading in the same direction so that you can share the ride and cost.  

Let technology help you

Now that you have figured your preferred way of commuting, let these 5 apps come to your rescue by making your journey to work as pain-free as possible:

For users of public transit who want to have their journey under control. Transit is a very comprehensive app that shows you all of the available public transit lines near you, and tells you the next departures and expected time of arrival for your favourite lines.

Very useful app (for iPhone users only) that lets you track the time it takes to travel to all your favourite places, giving you trip duration, traffic updates, route info, travel recommendation, and much more.

Google maps
Thanks to the new commute tap in the app you can easily get traffic information, see estimated travel times, and navigate to home or work. You can also view recommended or alternate routes to get to your destination faster.

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How to reduce carbon emissions during a move

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Family matters. What makes a neighbourhood child-friendly?

Nov 7, 2019 9:45:56 AM / by Placetrace Editorial Team posted in moving, house, neighborhood, family, kids


Picking a neighborhood
to live in is a very important and delicate decision to make, and even more so if you are moving with kids. What will be the best community for your children to thrive? What services and amenities do you think will be essential to their wellbeing? How do you ensure they have the safety net they require?
Eventually, compromises will have to be made, because family’s needs are many and very diverse, but here are a few key things that you should look out for when moving with your little ones:

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Why do people relocate?

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4 tips to ease the pain of relocation and get a smooth start in your new city

Oct 25, 2019 2:15:00 PM / by Placetrace Editorial Team


can be a daunting task if you do not have the right professional and social support to help you get through it. Packing, unpacking, loading a truck, unloading it, finding a good place to live, build a new circle of friends, finding a good school for your kids, or a reliable hospital. The list can go on and on. But, don’t let discouragement overtake you, we have put together 4 easy-to-implement tips that could come in real handy during your next move:  

Get the hard work done by somebody else
Moving is stressful, there is no way around it, but it does not need to be painful.
Let the tech world comes to your rescue, once again, with these 5 brilliant apps to help you save time and energy during your next move:

LUGG: In less than 30 minutes, Lugg sends you a truck and two professional "luggers" to load, haul and safely deliver anything you want to your next destination

SORTLY: Are you fearing the moment you'll have to unpack all those boxes and won't have a clue about what's inside? Sortly lets you catalog everything you own by snapping photos and adding detailed notes to them in the app. You can then create custom labels and scannable QR codes for each box to know exactly what's inside

TASKRABBIT: Need a last-minute handyman to fix, paint, pack, clean before you move out? this app connects you with trusted and affordable people who offer such services in your area 

LETGO: Let go of the old things, it's time to move on, in every sense. This app will connect you with people in your neighborhood who want to buy what you've left behind

MOVE MATCHER: Tell them where you are moving from and where you are heading to, and they will find and compare local moving company quotes and email them to you in a few seconds

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